Living Life is My Passion

Living life is my Passion On Saturday, I attended the memorial service of a beautiful lady and friend. She was 62 and died suddenly from cancer. As I was reflecting on her beautiful and very full and active life, I was reminded of a comment made to me by my friend aninvestment advisor, a few weeks back. She said “living life should be our passion” As I thought about those simple words, I thought, yes, so brilliantly stated and so true. Simple things like making chili on cold days, making turkey dressing on turkey day, making long dog walks a ritual, cooking salmon to a perfect temp, making Caesar salads par excellence, making music, making love, and hearing two wine glasses make a clinking sound as they touch while two sit close together on bar stools...all things and more that rhyme without a scheme and end with the passions. Not just a bad way to live life, but perhaps the most important and only way to live life.