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Living Life is My Passion

Living life is my Passion On Saturday, I attended the memorial service of a beautiful lady and friend. She was 62 and died suddenly from cancer. As I was reflecting on her beautiful and very full and active life, I was reminded of a comment made to me by my friend aninvestment advisor, a few weeks back. She said “living life should be our passion” As I thought about those simple words, I thought, yes, so brilliantly stated and so true. Simple things like making chili on cold days, making turkey dressing on turkey day, making long dog walks a ritual, cooking salmon to a perfect temp, making Caesar salads par excellence, making music, making love, and hearing two wine glasses make a clinking sound as they touch while two sit close together on bar stools...all things and more that rhyme without a scheme and end with the passions. Not just a bad way to live life, but perhaps the most important and only way to live life.



"Never Been Here Before" Teaser

"Never Been Here Before" On October the 15th Refel Rushing Music will release the third song in its new album. Here is a short teaser with part of the intro. The saga continues...

About the Music

About the Music   Refel Rushing’s moving “Love over Time” album grew from his observing and participating in the experiences of falling in love, falling out of love, and falling back in love. As he reflected on love relationships that may endure to the end of an individual’s time on earth or change across the spectrum of time, Refel contemplated, “What is life when asked in this love relationship context?” He concluded that it is a collection of seasons which all people experience. These songs bring to life the seasons of a love relationship — from the magical moment of falling in love and living in love to knowing it is over, departing, and offering the possibility of falling in love again with the same partner or one who is new. Refel and his genius orchestrator partner Jay Hinson thank you for listening to their work. >For more info click here< Click here to download and share the first two songs of this incredible journey

Refel's Poetry

Many of Refel's songs started out as a poem. See many more of his poems by clicking on the site below.

Refel Rushing Ranch Slideshow


Refel Rushing

About Refel Rushing Refel is a poet, short story writer, and musician. He has published some of his poems on his poetry site . He plans on publishing his short story work shortly. ​Working from Shadow R Ranc h, Refel manages and maintains a commercial cattle business and working ranch. He first started cattle ranching in 2007 Refel Rushing is also at work creating an album of adult music.  Mr. Rushing has recorded his compositions in Los Angeles and Atlanta studios. He is currently at work on finalizing his album project with his conductor and arranger Jay Hinson. In addition, he will soon be releasing his first single song with a Christian theme. Refel Rushing hopes to promote this work within the religious community across the United States. He will be offering it free of charge to a variety of churches and using any publishing revenues to aid charities such as food pantries and centers that assist people experiencing homelessness.  Click here for a more in-de

Credit to Jay Hinson

These songs were made possible through the efforts of the extremely talented Jay Hinson. Jay arranged and orchestrated the instrumental music to create the great sound that's behind our songs. Jay Hinson is a Musical Director, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Conductor, Producer, and Pianist. In addition to earning his triple-major {Piano Performance, Composition & Conducting} B.A. from Indiana University (often ranked as the world's best music school), he also was privileged to study privately with Leonard Bernstein. He is equally comfortable on the concert/classical stage, in a Broadway orchestra pit, at pop/rock/country venues, in studio recording sessions, or, his personal favorite: playing at church for dynamic worship services! He was the Musical Director, Conductor, Arranger & Orchestrator for the CBS Television Special, "John Schneider's Christmas Holiday," toured the U.S.&  Canada as Musical Director & Piano–Conductor for two National Tou